Love and Creation

“Because God wills and affirms things, man and the universe as a whole, therefore and solely for this reason they … More

Existence and Love

“What matters to us, beyond mere existence, is the explicit confirmation: It is good that you exist; how wonderful that … More

Love and Creation

“It is God who in the act of creation anticipated all conceivable human love and said: I will you to … More

“Love” and “Like”

“‘Love’ includes and is based upon a preexistent relation between the lover and the beloved; that, in other words, no … More

Eros and Plato

“Eros: this Greek word, which has been taken into all European languages, is far more ambiguous than it is usually … More

Job 13:15

Though he slay me, I will hope in him.


“One of the most central concepts from the moral philosophy of the High Middle Ages is that of acedia, which … More

Hope and human existence

“Human existence and everything that immediately pertains to it have the structure of hope” (A Brief Reader on the Virtues … More